SOLOMAGIA Odyssey Playing Cards Boreal Edition - Kartenspiel - Zaubertricks und Props

SOLOMAGIA Odyssey Playing Cards Boreal Edition - Kartenspiel - Zaubertricks und Props

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This year you can feel the universe in your hands with Odyssey Playing Cards Boreal Edition. Feel the Universe, hear the light.

Created by Sergio Roca Martinez.

"Odyssey Boreal Edition is the result of a past year trying to create something different from any existing deck, but keeping Odyssey's essence. I, as cardist and card designer, wanted to design what my followers deserve, and not just a simple new color but a second edition with a substantial change.

Like the first edition, the back shows a diagonal strip that crosses the corners. In this case, Boreals has a blue turquoise nebula inside the strip and borders, instead of the famous White Strip of the First Edition. This nebula recalls Aurora Boreale which is an incredible light show caused by collisions between the electrically charged particles released by the sun entering the atmosphere of the earth and colliding with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. Is not that amazing?

The color range is completely different from the first edition. The purple, pink and orange shades are transformed into full blue shades.

52 playing cards + 2 Joker.
Magic Finishing and Luxury Cardboard.
Fully customized.
Printed in Taiwan.

Odyssey Boreal Edition is made with one of the best cardstocks in the world, the Luxury. This new card is thinner and softer than the classic card used for the first edition, and this makes it more convenient and easy to control when performing bouquets that need bending techniques like accordion, fancy ... is something very appreciated among cardists.

Let's talk about the finish. The finish of the Boreal Edition will be the Magic finish as the first edition. This makes the cards smooth but still with great control. Great for deck cuts, this combination combined with the Luxury card makes Boreals one of the finest bones for Cardistry.

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