SOLOMAGIA Butterfly Playing Cards Marked (Red) by Ondrej Psenicka

SOLOMAGIA Butterfly Playing Cards Marked (Red) by Ondrej Psenicka

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"The Butterfly bouquet will allow you to perform unmanageable miracles with other bouquets, a real innovation in the cartomagi." - Richard Kaufman (chief editor of Genii Magazine - the world's best selling magical magazine).

The unique markup system hidden in the Butterfly backdrop design features two different marking systems that can be used separately, but will do you miracles when combined.
Here are some basic effects you can make using Butterfly Playing Cards:

IMPOSSIBLE DIVING: Cards are mixed by a spectator and the viewer chooses one without you looking. The card is placed in the deck and this is immediately blended by the spectator. Everything you do not look at. You take the cards back and without looking at their faces and opening them in no way, you will know immediately which paper was.

MISSING PAPER KNOWLEDGE: The cards are mixed by a spectator, which puts them behind his back, selects one from anywhere, and puts it in a back pocket of his trousers. No one, including the spectator, knows the identity of the card. The cards are returned to the wizard. You will know the identity of the card within seconds without looking at the faces of the cards or opening them in any way.

CUTTING TO ANY NAMED PAPER: Cards are mixed by a spectator that will name any cards you prefer. You will be able to cut that card without opening the cards in any way.

Imagine being able to perform only possible performance using a stored deck, but with a mixed deck of cards. Butterly play cards let you see the positions of all the cards in a mixed deck.
There is a link to an online document that describes the marking system and how it works. You will be able to perform the effects presented in the video once you understand the system.

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